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Cem Onder

Born in Ankara in 1977. | Married. | Father of two daughters. | Completed primary and secondary education at Arı College. | Graduated from Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School, Department of Painting. | Graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts as the top student in the faculty. | While pursuing his Master's degree, he participated in the establishment of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Sculpture Workshop and carried out sculpture works for public areas. | After completing his military service, he returned to Ankara and started working in the fields of design, production, and new media. | For 21 years, he has continued to carry out creative projects for many national and international public institutions, non-governmental organizations, media and businesses, including design and production for meetings, congresses, and events.

Institutions and Organizations Served 

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