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Cem Onder

Born in Ankara in 1977. | Married. | Father of two daughters. | Completed primary and secondary education at Arı College. | Graduated from Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School, Department of Painting. | Graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts as the top student in the faculty. | While pursuing his Master's degree, he participated in the establishment of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Sculpture Workshop and carried out sculpture works for public areas. | After completing his military service, he returned to Ankara and started working in the fields of design, production, and new media. | For 21 years, he has continued to carry out creative projects for many national and international public institutions, non-governmental organizations, media and businesses, including design and production for meetings, congresses, and events.















     Other Competencies and Skills

  • He is able to perform video and color correction processes with DaVinci Resolve, edit photos with Adobe Lightroom, create 2D limited animations with Toon Boom Studio, and develop sketches, scaling, and stage designs with Sketchup.

  • He is proficient in using advanced mobile assistant software such as Capcut Pro, Vimeo Create, Mojo, Lensa AI, Vita, Prequel Studio, etc.

  • He is proficient in configuring video streaming platforms and CDN services and can perform live broadcasts with Wiecast and OBS.

  • In music production, he is familiar with numerous plugins, digital instruments, and audio authoring software such as Komplete, Waves, Audition, etc. He has received music theory training and can play advanced-level guitar and drums, and intermediate-level piano.

  • In the field of fine arts, he continues to work in the areas of casting, stone sculpture, metal and wood sculpture, as well as acrylic, drawing, and print painting.

  • He has knowledge and experience in conventional and digital printing, process management, and technical skills, as well as in 3D stage/stand design, wall and ceiling applications, and installation.

  • For the production of content and graphic elements related to design and production work, he uses AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Dall-E, and is familiar with command system (prompt) components and writing systems.




After completing his education at the High School of Fine Arts , he continued his studies at the Department of Sculpture in the Anatolian University Faculty of Fine Arts . In order to explore the three-dimensional design of sculpture and its relationship to the architectural environment using digital tools, he attended a 3D modeling course led by Fethi Kaba as a guest student in the Animation Department. He excelled in his studies and graduated as the top student in entire faculty from the Faculty of Fine Arts Undergraduate Program. His projects were well-received, and he was invited to participate as a contributor in international symposiums in Denmark, including the Hojer and Odense events. Additionally, his works were showcased in various group exhibitions and the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. Cem Önder has started his master's program and has frozen his enrollment at the thesis stage due to work-related conditions.



While pursuing his Master's degree, he] participated in the establishment of the Büyük Şehir Heykel Atölyesi (Metropolitan City Sculpture Workshop) under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, together with Nurbiye Uz, Ramazan Tilki, and Nezih Mezarcı. He completed public and monumental sculpture works to be exhibited in various parts of Eskişehir. He left his permanent position for family reasons and took a break from the Master's program during the thesis stage, returning to Ankara."



He started working in Ankara to continue his work in the fields of video, graphics, and new media, which are his areas of special interest. He carried out multimedia projects for medical education and product promotion in addition to animation work for surgeries and treatments, as well as for congresses, symposiums, and meetings. He also began learning HTML, PHP, ActionScript, and Swift languages due to the development of internet technologies. He improved himself regarding database installation, Wordpress, and its plugins, which he will need in this field. He took a break from his work to complete his short-term military service.



He joined Serenas Group to increase his experience in the MICE sector in the fields of digital and conventional design and new media and to develop creative projects in the event area. He started his work as a designer   in the fields of multimedia and graphic design, and continued as the group leader and then the coordinator. After the merger with the France-based company GL events in 2011 , he became Creative Director of all He took part in corporate and project-based design, visual communication, production and management processes of GL events Turkey subsidiaries.  He performed corporate representation in many national and international projects. In addition to Serenas Group events, he took part in various consortia and sectoral collaborations. He worked on public tender processes, European Union projects and United Nations Turkey Operations. 

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