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Garanti BBVA Women Entrepreneurs Academy

Logo motion and impact animation productions were made for Garanti BBVA's Women Entrepreneur Academy, moderated by Yekta Kopan.

Visuals for the online platform and live broadcast interface were prepared for the meeting held virtually through online live connections.

Garanti BBVA Women Entrepreneurs Academy is a program aimed at supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs in Turkey. The program offers a wide range of educational and networking opportunities to help women build and grow their businesses. Some of the key features of the program include training workshops, mentorship sessions, and access to a network of successful businesswomen. The academy is open to women entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries, and the program is designed to be flexible and accessible, with both in-person and online components. Through the Garanti BBVA Women Entrepreneurs Academy, the bank is helping to foster a more inclusive and diverse business environment in Turkey.


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