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AURA Roboclean

Concept design and video production works were completed for the Aura Roboclean Distributors Meeting, which took place in the TRNC between June 12-16.

Competitions, tours, and events were organized for participants from 19 countries during the meeting. Video production and stage design works were carried out for the 4-day program of the distributors meeting.

Impact animations and promotional films were produced for Aura Roboclean, Cebilon, and İhlas Home Appliances to be used in social media and internal communication channels for the event.

Productions were made for the award ceremony, concert, and presentations to be used in the flow of the Gala Night, which was attended by TRNC President Ersin Tatar.

A Film was also prepared, which presents the development of İhlas Home Appliances and important way points by year, along with events happening worldwide during the same dates.


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